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Attractive web banner ideas

MadPixi Team 230 21.02.2021

Well-designed banners are able to attract significantly more user attention and many more clicks. For this reason, the quality of their workmanship is of great importance.

Professionals are able for each campaign to prepare a detailed assignment with requirements for the production of graphic banners that are consistent with the objectives of advertising. The following recommendations for making working banners can be very useful to you, so pay attention to them.

Clear style and design
If the style of the banner is clear, then users will be able to instantly recognize the goals of the ad. The design must be clean, eye-catching and unique.

Easy to read text
It is not recommended to oversaturate the banner with text. It is best to say only the most important things. The text should be captivating and desirable to users: read it and click on it.

Call to Action
The call to action (or so-called Call to Action / CTA) is the text or button that invites users to click. Phrases like "Learn more", "See here" or "See now" are great examples you can use. This should be the clear focal point of the ad.

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