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The role of texts in online advertising

Advertising texts are perhaps the most difficult area of ​​copywriting. You need to express more tha...

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24 MadPixi Team 07.12.2021
Internet advertising campaigns

An important condition for your successful advertising on the Internet is very good to be able to op...

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27 MadPixi Team 30.11.2021
How to advertise?

The vast space on the Internet gives us huge and diverse opportunities for online advertising, and i...

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26 MadPixi Team 30.11.2021
Some advantages of Internet advertising

Undoubtedly the biggest advantage of Internet advertising - this is the ability to target. Targeted ...

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26 MadPixi Team 25.11.2021
Frequent mistakes when working on SEO optimization

To increase the ranking of a website in search engines, programmers use a complex sequence of differ...

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30 MadPixi Team 20.11.2021
Website promotion

Needless to remind you that you need to constantly promote your website in order to be noticed by th...

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27 MadPixi Team 20.11.2021
How to advertise your business on the Internet?

Whether you are just starting out with your own brand or your company is already established in the ...

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35 MadPixi Team 16.10.2021
Why is it worth learning how to work with online advertising?

In recent years, there has been a "boom" of those wishing to engage in online advertising....

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44 MadPixi Team 15.10.2021
What colors to bet on when making a banner?

In addition to the fact that color is able to provoke various human reactions, it can affect a perso...

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39 MadPixi Team 15.10.2021
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