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Secrets of successful advertising on social networks

MadPixi Team 383 25.01.2022

Facebook's algorithms are constantly changing, so sometimes even the basics of advertising are worth reviewing and refreshing. Get 8 tips on how to make Facebook advertising more effective without increasing your budget.

1. Optimize settings

If your reach is small at first, check your advertising settings. Facebook requires about fifty ad conversions in the first seven days to work effectively. Check Ads Manager: If you find fewer than 50 conversions in your ad, optimize for link clicks instead of conversions.

2. Remember your goals

The value of the ad directly depends on the landing page. Make sure you have everything you need to keep the attention and interest of your audience. Otherwise, your ads will go to waste. People will come in and out immediately disappointed.

Facebook advertising

3. Use motivational verbs. Encourage customers to take action and be positive. Try to use strong words like "start, act, find, learn, discover."

4. Make a beautiful and visual variety. A person's eyes choose the most attractive content in less than three seconds. The more aesthetic, brighter and original the image, the more visible it will be for future customers.

And remember: one ad is small. Take the example of dandelions and plant large areas with your seeds. Create individual ads for each purpose. Fantasize, analyze, experiment.

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