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Weight of the banner

MadPixi Team 10046 31.01.2019

The weight is a particularly important feature for any banner. Most of the sites and the majority of the portals have the statutory requirements for the maximum weight of these banners to be placed. The higher the weight of a banner, the slower the content of the banner will be. If the banner continues to charge for too long, it reduces the likelihood of it being awaiting and seen by the user. That's why this parameter is so important to the banner advertising performance. The severity of the banner is most commonly and traditionally measured in kilobytes (kB).

ladies bag banner

Parameters to measure banner performance

Parameters may be different. One of the measurement options is the impression, in other words the number of banner views. Another option is a click count - how many presses are there on the banner.

CTR or click through ratio is a ratio that is expressed as a percentage between both essential things - the number of ad views and clicks on the ad. The greater this value, the more effective the banner is. If CTR = 10%, this means that for every 100 banner views, there are an average of 10 transitions to the website advertised by the banner.

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