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What is SEO copywriting

This is a type of activity aimed at writing texts adapted for search engines (for example, containin...

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0 MadPixi Team 17.08.2021
How to create a post and track its status

With Google My Business, you can post your offers, events, products, and services directly to Google...

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35 MadPixi Team 17.08.2021
Typical advantages of online advertising

Simple forecast for effectThe capabilities of advertising tools allow you to accurately predict the ...

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32 MadPixi Team 17.08.2021
The best tips for creating banner ads

Banners are one of the most common forms of online advertising to increase online traffic. Banners a...

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40 MadPixi Team 04.08.2021
How to display smart banners in applications

The smart banner size allows publishers to display an ad that fills the entire width of the screen w...

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39 MadPixi Team 04.08.2021
Tricks that will make the banner even more attractive

The main goal when we want to create a banner for the Internet is to increase the readership of our ...

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66 MadPixi Team 29.07.2021
Ads on social networks

Why is social media advertising necessary for your company?Think about why you created a social netw...

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46 MadPixi Team 25.07.2021
Advantages and disadvantages of Internet advertising

Let's look at the landscape of internet advertising together to determine its advantages and dis...

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58 MadPixi Team 15.07.2021
What is SEO copywriting?

Nowadays, the presence on the Internet is normal. Most offline businesses and new entrepreneurs want...

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60 MadPixi Team 13.07.2021
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