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Marketing mix of the company

Marketing mix is ​​one of the most commonly used terms in marketing.Each company has its own individ...

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35 MadPixi Team 27.01.2021
How to know and choose a good copywriter

A copywriter is a person whose job is to help businesses with unique sales-promoting content. Its ma...

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37 MadPixi Team 19.01.2021
The best banners for Google AdWords

People who decide they want to place a banner in Google AdWords are often hesitant about which of th...

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33 MadPixi Team 14.01.2021
Is There A Benefit To Email Marketing

When you want to communicate something about the brand you offer or are looking to sell your product...

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30 MadPixi Team 14.01.2021
Classic banner or advertisement on social networks

Today, although social media campaigns are considered the most profitable and promising strategy, th...

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46 MadPixi Team 10.01.2021
What is media planning

If you choose to trust the media planning professionals of your business, it will surely bring many ...

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36 MadPixi Team 04.01.2021
Advantages of professional web design

Professional web design creates an emotional user experience. It strives to increase customer satisf...

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37 MadPixi Team 28.12.2020
Retractable banner

In short, a banner is a marketing tool with a specific design or slogan. Used to promote a brand, se...

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139 MadPixi Team 07.08.2020
Management of company pages in social networks

Creating a fan page on a social network and its maintenance is the most appropriate way to build a p...

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112 MadPixi Team 07.08.2020
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