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Media Planning

When preparing an advertising strategy, the target audience and the different channels of informatio...

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135 MadPixi Team 12.04.2020
Some Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is an activity where the benefits could be numerous, if you put it in the hands of t...

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156 MadPixi Team 09.04.2020
How to choose a good image for your main banner

There are no right and wrong variants when it comes to the image of the main banner. The decision mu...

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115 MadPixi Team 06.04.2020
Benefits of Using Facebook for Business

Facebook has become one of the most developed social networks today and has several uses. Not only c...

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95 MadPixi Team 27.03.2020
What is digital marketing

Digital marketing involves a personalized approach, which means you need to have an idea of ​​your n...

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117 MadPixi Team 27.03.2020
How to protect your business in COVID 19

Coronavirus is a serious disease and we must do everything we can to protect ourselves from it. Asid...

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109 MadPixi Team 24.03.2020
Basic banner facts

There are several banner formats. A banner can be a .jpg or .png image. This is a static, simple ima...

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98 MadPixi Team 23.03.2020
The role of internet advertising during quarantine

The isolation we need because of the current situation and the spread of COVID 19 can prove to be co...

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54 MadPixi Team 22.03.2020
What exactly is Email Marketing

Email marketing is direct marketing that is based on commercial messages to a select group of people...

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147 MadPixi Team 18.01.2020
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