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The most common disadvantages of banners

MadPixi Team 534 17.09.2021

Banner advertising is the third most popular method of online advertising. It is preceded only by social media ads and search ads. Banner ads are used by 68% of advertisers.

However, they also have their drawbacks. Who are they?


Now the average CTR per banner is 0.1%. That is, out of 1000 users who view the banner, 1 will follow its connection. HubSpot marketing director Mike Walp noted that this is below the chance of having twins or surviving a plane crash.

Random clicks

банер есен

Half of banner clicks happen by accident, at least on mobile devices. The problem of accidental clicks is so widespread that English-language resources have even come up with a special definition for it - "thick finger syndrome".

Blockers and blindness of banners

Another disadvantage of banner advertising is that many users simply do not see it. According to research, between 9.5% and 44% of users block online advertising. Depending on the blocking service, these users either simply drop out of the audience that saw the banner or are considered watched or clicked.

But even if the user does not use blocking services, it is very likely that he will not notice the banner.

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