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How to create a successful banner

MadPixi Team 299 12.09.2021

What should a banner look like: main design trends:

The design of a banner is largely determined by how the site visitor will interact with it. Usually one does not focus on this element, at most, he slides his gaze. The effectiveness of the banner directly depends on whether it can attract a person's attention for these few seconds. If so, the person will most likely click on it, that is, will take the first step on the sales funnel.


Based on this, we will formulate the basic requirements for the design of the banner:

1. They should not look like ordinary photos. The banner must be clickable.

2. You need a clear and understandable message that conveys your idea to the page visitor. No small text, plenty of small elements. A person has come to the site in search of the information he needs, he is not deliberately looking for your banner, so he will not read it.

3. The design must "catch".

Also follow popular themes - they can be included in your banner and play well on it. Attention and high STR are guaranteed.

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