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Why are flash banners effective?

MadPixi Team 847 19.09.2021

Among the many advertising media, flash banners are enjoying irresistible popularity. What makes them so attractive?

Most of the advantages of web banners in general, ie. static projects (JPG, GIF and PNG formats) and video (streaming) also belong to animated flash ads (SWF format). What are these benefits?

- Flash banner ads are effective because they attract the attention of your audience.

- Recipients' interest in banners

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The interest of the recipients increases with strong colors, different format, and in the case of flash ads, animation, movement is very important. Our vision, like most predators, is sensitive to the sudden movement of objects, which attracts our attention. Banner manufacturers use this fact to achieve the desired effect.

An additional advantage of flash technology is the ability to create mobile content that shows the uniqueness of the offer, such as a discount of several tens of percent or free extras. Thanks to the animation you can emphasize this information a lot.

"FLASH" is not spam

Remember that advertising does not work on its own, except for the content of the website. For example, if it's an ikebana website, the art of flower arranging, there's no point in having an animated ad for a gun shop on your website. Such a banner will not have the desired effect, even if it is perfectly made.

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