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Creating and publishing content

Content is especially important for any website. It plays a huge role in attracting customers, so it...

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132 MadPixi Team 22.12.2019
The right approach when creating a Google AdWords campaign

Every single Google AdWords advertising campaign starts by defining the advertiser's marketing g...

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108 MadPixi Team 24.11.2019
Why you need unique texts on the site

When a search engine does SEO optimization, such as google, for example, "unique content" ...

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139 MadPixi Team 06.11.2019
The banner - why its design is important

In order to grow, every company needs advertising. Today, in the 21st century, advertising opportuni...

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148 MadPixi Team 30.10.2019
How to build a successful online ad

 Many businesses believe that placing their ad on a channel will automatically lead to many use...

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146 MadPixi Team 30.10.2019
Advantages of internet advertising

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about internet advertising. Many large companies and companies have ...

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148 MadPixi Team 30.10.2019
3 Reasons for Facebook Advertising

No one ever imagined 15 years ago that Facebook would be what it is today. With over 2.5 billion mon...

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150 MadPixi Team 30.10.2019
Advertising on Facebook

In order for a Facebook ad to succeed, it must target the right people. If you trust professionals i...

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155 MadPixi Team 29.09.2019
Why the banner design matters

Every company needs advertising in order to grow. Nowadays, there are a really huge number of opport...

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319 MadPixi Team 29.09.2019
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