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Tricks that will make the banner even more attractive

MadPixi Team 339 29.07.2021

The main goal when we want to create a banner for the Internet is to increase the readership of our website. Several experiences confirm some tricks to make our banner more attractive.

1. Use contrasting colors

Do not use colors or design styles in your banner that blend in with the background of the webpage. This will make your banner much less visible than other people use in different colors.

2. The "weight" of the file should be light

Users will not wait for a banner that is heavy to complete loading while browsing the content of our page. Make sure your banner is light and is one of the first images to load when you visit the website.

3. Turn on the eye-catching

A short phrase like "More here" or "Register now" will be better to get people's attention. It will also be useful if it is clear what we are looking for with our banner and what is on offer.

banner socks

4. A fine animation can be useful

Animated objects or a small video can be a good banner, also integrate a small flash design to attract people to click on them. Of course, make sure the file size is small and light or loads progressively.

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