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How does search engine advertising work?

MadPixi Team 318 10.07.2021

Search engines work in a completely different way than social networks. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, users who use search engines are looking for things. Many of them are not looking to buy something specific and are only looking for information, but there are others who will buy and are looking for the best solution to their problem. Here comes the search engine advertising.

When a business advertises in search engines, what it wants is to position itself as high as possible for some specific keywords with the lowest possible price, so that when its potential customers seek to solve their problem, these companies will appear first to sell their products or services to them. Some examples of user searches might be:

- Emergency plumber in the quarter…

- Lawyer specializing in divorces in…

- Math teacher in…

- Physiotherapist at home in…

The big advantage that this type of internet advertising offers is that we can position ourselves ONLY WHEN THE USER GOES TO BUY. That is, the user searches and thinks at home to hire the services of a professional and if at this point you appear on his phone and show him your service page and everything you can do for him, it is very likely you are hired.

google adds

By advertising in search engines, we fight our competition by ranking certain keywords in our ad sets. The most relevant ads (an indicator calculated according to the offer and the quality of the ad) will win the highest position.

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