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How to create a post and track its status

MadPixi Team 309 17.08.2021

With Google My Business, you can post your offers, events, products, and services directly to Google Search and Maps.

Publishing tips

Important! Publications describing a phone number may be rejected.

High quality. Avoid spelling mistakes, use inappropriate characters, or post meaningless text or automatically generated and annoying content.

Respect for the audience. Do not use obscene, rude or offensive language, images or videos.

Secure connections. Do not post links to malware and viruses, adult content or phishing content.

Follow the laws that govern your industry. If you work with goods and services that are subject to specific legal requirements, you may not publish content related to your business in your publications. This applies in particular to companies offering adult services, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, medical equipment, gambling, pyrotechnics, weapons and financial services.

Content for each audience. Do not use sexually explicit or obscene material.

advertising add

How to check the status of an internet advertising post

Once you publish a post, it will receive one of the states described below. Please note that we may review it for compliance with the content guidelines.

Published - This post is available for viewing on Google Search and Maps.

Pending - The post is in the upload or processing phase. In addition, this status may mean that the seller has not been verified. These posts do not appear on Google Search and Maps. If a seller becomes unconfirmed for any reason, their posts are assigned a "Pending" status.

Rejected - The post does not appear on Google Search and Maps. To find out which rules were violated in a post, click the question mark next to the status.

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