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What does Internet advertising give us?

MadPixi Team 271 19.09.2021

It is worth considering what gives us an online advertising message over the traditional one.

The main advantages of Internet advertising

Interactivity - allows you to maintain two-way interactions with network users. Thanks to the availability of tools that are useful in e-marketing (such as e-mail or company blog), it is possible to deepen the company's communication with customers and work to develop mutually beneficial solutions.

Internet advertising

Without geographical and time barriers - individual companies can look for target groups to which they direct their product range around the world. The global nature of online advertising means that we are not limited to a narrow group of recipients and we largely decide on its scope.

Access to a specific group of recipients - We can direct marketing activities to a specific group of recipients and adapt the message to their needs and interests. Familiarity with consumer preferences provides an opportunity to improve the company's offer and adapt the company's profile to market requirements.

Flexibility - While in traditional media it is difficult to modify an advertisement once created, the Internet allows for transformation if it turns out that it is not performing its role properly. We can monitor the effects of campaigns continuously, use different types of measurement of the effectiveness of the message and even change the form of promotional activity depending on the needs of the market.

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