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Typical advantages of online advertising

MadPixi Team 275 17.08.2021

Simple forecast for effect

The capabilities of advertising tools allow you to accurately predict the quality metrics of a campaign before it begins. At the same time, the expected results should not be calculated independently. There are many professional and free services that will independently collect and analyze the necessary data.

Possibility for quick adjustments


With traditional advertising, you can only make changes to your strategy after your campaign is over. On the Internet, you can adjust text, graphics, bids, and even costs directly during the campaign. This allows you to quickly correct mistakes, as well as get rid of concepts that have not shown sufficient effectiveness.

Rational use of the budget

Advertising platforms today can offer various opportunities for advertising positioning and payment for it. For example, if you need to introduce your audience to a new brand or product, you can choose cheap pay-per-view ads. This approach will make it possible to obtain high quality information coverage even on a small budget. If your campaign is aimed at generating sales, then you can choose pay-per-visit advertising or a direct conversion rate. In addition, on some sites, such as Yandex.Direct and Google Ads, the advertiser can determine their own acceptable advertising costs.

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