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Is the banner obsolete?

MadPixi Team 408 26.01.2022

The banner is still alive! And this is more than clear!

Our specialists have selected 5 design recommendations to "revive" your banner.

1. Place only 1 message in 1 banner

You should not turn ads into a "train" full of a series of messages. Dedicate an ad to only one advertised object.

banner underwear

2. L-logic

Advertising must be logical, consistent and consistent with corporate identity. Banner advertising on the Internet must be recognizable through branding - these are elements of design and logo.

3. Place the banner inside the page

When working on a creative, it is important to know on which resources and in which part of the ad unit the targeted ad will be placed. A well-designed banner will complement the information on the site, standing out against the background of the page.

4. Motivate consumers

Use calls to act unobtrusively, people are tired of intrusive instructions: buy, order, make. Play on motivation with the result you can achieve with a purchase or order: lose weight, grow, earn more and upgrade your house.

5. Don't play with fonts

Using more than 2 different fonts on a banner (excluding the logo) turns advertising into amateur art and reduces consumer confidence. The size of internet banners limits the designer, so do not try to put contact numbers, addresses, benefits and other useful information on the banner. The user should receive all the detailed information after clicking on the ad.

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