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Banner definition

MadPixi Team 560 04.03.2019

It is available for use on the Internet or on the computer. The goal of the project is to provide the opportunity to others who are interested in expressing themselves. For this purpose, they will be taken to the queue.
The banner has the following keystrokes and some of them as follows:
use the button (s) on the keyboard;
animypanoc (gіf, flаѕh, rісh mеdіа);
цветна неогапанская;
déccvies vendeo in cope;
the ability to swap on the subject of a particular accident in a crash test
The banner must have its attractive message. Write an interesting message or a question to raise your interest. There are so-called words - "lures" of the order of FREE, - XX% DISCOUNT, PROMOTION, etc.

Banner is good to have text that is as clear and concise as possible. When it comes to services, for example, 3-4 of them, which are the most important for the company, can be listed.

banner men
The faster the banner is loaded, the more likely it is to see it. The weight of the banner should not exceed 60-80 Kb. Each site has its own weighting requirements and banner formats, and the advertiser will have to comply with them.

The banner as a mandatory attribute should contain the company logo and slogan. For image banners, this is especially important. It is advisable to display the site's website as well.

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