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Banner Networks

MadPixi Team 546 22.02.2019

Banner ads are very popular in recent years. Technology is an integral part of the life of modern man, so it is also definitely relevant. There are different ways to make banner advertising even more successful and better to promote the service or product you offer.

Along with simple banner advertising, where the advertiser is making a payment to the site to place its pages on its banner, banner exchange networks have already existed for a long time. In this type of network each participant gets the opportunity to provide a specific place on its site to display banners to other network participants.
Proportional to the number of alien banner views, the participant itself earns points, and they serve it because this participant's banner gets the opportunity to show on its sites from that network. The web banner usually retains a kind of "commissions":

banner winter girl

By displaying foreign banners for example 1000 times, the participant has the ability to receive, say, 850 views on the other side of his banner. The difference, which in the example case is 15%, is a practice and uses a banner network to display its own banners and paid advertising. In this way, the banner network makes it possible to increase the reputation of its participants. There are both huge banner networks of general purpose, as well as specialized networks that differ in banner themes, by regions or for example in the language of potential users.

In a banner, the ad appears to tend to gradually transform and become an integral part of a series of advertising events.

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