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Banner technology

MadPixi Team 588 19.03.2019

Banner is an important part of modern advertising. It has a specific manufacturing technology. You can choose the right one with the help of professionals. They have the experience and detailed analysis of what might best be helpful in this case. The fabrication technology can be different: GIF, JPG, Flash, HTML. You'll just have to pick one that will bring you the greatest success. But remember - it is important to have a good banner!

The Gif format, as well as JPG (known as bitmap graphics), are used to make static banners. There is no movement in them.
Gif animation (which is also raster graphics) has its own features. The motion effect is achieved by alternating multiple image frames with bitmap graphics.
Flash technology is a kind of vector graphics that allows you to achieve animated effects with a small banner weight. This technology also allows the use of sound.

banner man and woman
HTML banners allow the banner to contain dynamic content - a database. They may also contain a picture or graphics.

Banners usually contain a link and most often leads to the homepage of the advertised company site or to a promotional page created specifically for the purpose of a particular campaign.

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