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Basis of marketing communication

MadPixi Team 312 04.05.2021

There is no effective marketing communication, ie. one that relates to the effective transmission of advertising content, if not supported by a detailed marketing plan designed to deliver advertising content to a properly defined group of recipients as efficiently as possible.

Media planning covers all types of media, from traditional (press) to the latest and most used (Internet). It is worth noting that media planning also applies to external marketing forms, various types of events and sponsored events, for which, for example, leaflets or posters are prepared with an appropriate message addressed to the participants. The implementation of an effective media plan is always based on the results of comprehensive market information conducted by media houses and agencies.

media planning

These companies examine the situation of the company, which orders the placement of its content within a certain time and media space, including in terms of existing competition in the market. In this way, agencies and houses check, for example, the level of viewing of television programs or the number of views of certain websites carrying the advertising message, the level of interest in magazines, the age of the target group or preferred hours of use of specific media (television, radio, internet and etc. This information allows the development of a media plan.

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