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Effect of Banner Advertising

MadPixi Team 465 19.02.2019

An internet banner ad would necessarily produce good results. This is a modern way for the message to reach as many people as possible. The very popularity itself is a success because the more people see the banner, the more likely they are to take the product or benefit from your service.

If you want to get the best results, the formula is "good design + targeted message + placement on relevant sites". All these things are important, each of them has its specific and important contribution to the success of the Internet banner.

The place you paid for your banner ad to be displayed is particularly important. It has a tremendous impact on the successes of the banner. Often, the effect of a banner may be purely image-based. Sometimes a user clicks on an ad if he or she has seen it on at least a few more places. Then he just makes an impression on him and at one point says to himself, "Well, let me see what this is about, it might be interesting and successful if it's so advertised ..."

The effect to a great extent also depends on the message you intended to convey. A great design can not make users click on a badly crafted message. However, if you are looking for real success, everything must be well-designed and combined. Good design, the targeted message, and the location of relevant sites lead to banner advertising success.

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