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How does the banner work?

MadPixi Team 270 20.09.2021

Here are some definitions:

- according to Wikipedia:

"In the Internet, a banner is a graphic form for providing information or advertising content, often a link to a page of a promoted product."

And another example:

Banner ads are based on images, not text, and are a popular form of on-site advertising. The purpose of banner advertising is to promote the brand and / or entice website visitors to visit the advertiser's website.

In summary, all banner ads have the same basic function: click on the image / media object you see on the website and your web browser will take you to the advertiser's website / landing page. These are simple but very important HTML snippets, and their online presence can make a big difference to online businesses and brands.

So how exactly do they work?

erotic banner

Just as a physical banner outside your store would make you enter the store. Because he says they offer a big discount for a certain product or have a new product that arouses your curiosity. The same goes for online banner ads.

When creating a banner ad, you usually have one goal:

Banner ads (campaigns in Google Ads) are designed to drive traffic to your website by linking to it.

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