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How to choose a good image for your main banner

MadPixi Team 356 06.04.2020

There are no right and wrong variants when it comes to the image of the main banner. The decision must be made according to the specifics and needs of your business. Banners will certainly guide you to the best option.

Photo may not be a great product if you are dealing with well-known items such as bags, appliances, books and the like.

banner couple

For contextual images, an article is shown "in action" in real-world context. The option is best for presenting unconventional products.

With emotion-focused images, you can touch the sentimental strings of consumers. They are most effective at presenting intangible services and products.

The use of images showing the founder of the company is recommended for companies associated with consumers, especially with this personality - the face of the brand.

Kitchen images reveal how a product is created and are best suited for the websites of businesses that offer rare, unique, and / or personalized items or services.

The aim of the impressive images is to grab attention and almost always succeed. They do highlight the brand from competitors, but something else is needed to engage consumers.

Images that reveal the benefits of a product are most commonly used when its value is not fully disclosed. Cosmetics are a great example.

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