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How to impress potential customers as they visit your site

MadPixi Team 445 18.06.2019

People build their opinion on the website within just 50 milliseconds. Given this fact, the theory that users are judging a site at a glance seems quite optimistic. Web design is of utmost importance, knowing how little time you have. The image for the main banner is one of the elements that often do not get enough attention, but it is actually of great importance. It is located at the top of the homepage of any good web site.

banner women

The image dominates in that part of the page where users are first set, so a huge effect is not only for the first impression but also for the overall process of their conversion into customers. Research shows that an average of 80% of the site's viewers are focused on that part. People rate the quality of the company's products and services according to the design of its website. Users point out that when they do not trust a site, this is almost all due to its design.

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