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How to select an image for the main banner on your homepage

MadPixi Team 438 15.02.2019

It has been proven that people make their views on the web site they visit within the first 50 milliseconds. To make it clear how fast this happens, we need to specify that a person is blinking for a period of about 100 to 140 milliseconds. Taking into account this fact, there is a theory that users can judge a site at a glance looks quite optimistic. If you really have just the time to make an impression, web design is very important. One of the elements that do not often get enough attention is an image for the main banner. It is located at the top of the homepage, which is at the very beginning of the modern web site.

The image is what dominates the part of the page that first sees users and therefore has a very large effect not only on the first impression but also on the overall process of their transformation into clients. A recent study shows that 80% of the visitors' attention is on that part of the site.

banner girl in blue
Another important thing that people usually appreciate is the reliability of the company, and even the quality of its products and its services, according to the design of its website. A survey, which was conducted not long ago, shows that about 94% of the reasons for consumer mistrust in a particular site are due largely to its design.

Never underestimate the meaning of the banner on the home page because the visitor creates the first impression from there.

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