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Make promotions, advertise them with banners

MadPixi Team 460 28.03.2019

Offering different incentive offers may be a useful short-term strategy that can be used to find new clients. This may mean more customers in the long run. And the way the promotion is easiest to reach and will be accepted by every user is a banner.

Offering promotions, however, does not mean you have to lower prices to lure everyone. When creating new promotions, consider your ideal customer and his / her wishes. What offer will you be able to offer to your ideal customer in order to get him to buy from you or to use your services right now? Offering combined packages or those that include seasonal services or goods are, for example, a good idea.

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Similarly, if you want to be more visible online, you should consider offering a small discount to customers who post online reviews. Email marketing, for example, may help you. Through it you can send positive feedback accompanied by a link to your potential new customers. For best success, you can make creative promotions and banners with an attractive design to match your marketing strategy.

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