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Marketing mix of the company

MadPixi Team 237 27.01.2021

Marketing mix is ​​one of the most commonly used terms in marketing.

Each company has its own individual marketing mix. It is a combination of several important elements. The company must combine those elements in a certain way in order to be able to reach its target market.

The marketing mix is ​​therefore a set of decisions that each company makes in order to move products from themselves to customers.

Various models are known to help better understand the marketing mix and the individual solutions associated with it.

marketing mix
The most famous model is the so-called Model 4P, which determines the marketing mix. It was proposed in 1960 by marketing professor Jerome McCarthy and still works today.
According to the 4P model, the elements of the marketing mix are the following:

• Product
• Price
• Placement (Distribution)
• Promotion

The elements of this type of marketing mix and together the elements of 4P are crucial for the market presence of any organization. Important marketing decisions need to be made for each of the relevant elements.

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