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Media Planning

MadPixi Team 414 12.04.2020

When preparing an advertising strategy, the target audience and the different channels of information are identified. In media planning, the most appropriate media (channels) are selected to reach the target target. A media plan contains goals, strategy, tactics, resource allocation, a media schedule and a mix of these components in order to reach the target audience.

In the media process, planning combines creative thinking with factual analysis to come up with a successful strategy to ensure that as much of the target target as possible is covered during the campaign. He works with the press, television, radio and new media on the Internet, and the goal is to have as many advertising platforms as possible.

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The stages of media planning are generally three:

- in the first stage, the market segment to be advertised will be determined;
- market requirements must then be translated into achievable media objectives;
- finally, appropriate media are identified in order to formulate media strategies for achieving the goals.

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