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Technology in banner making

MadPixi Team 606 31.01.2019

The technology used to make banners can be different. The most popular and common are GIF, Flash, JPG, and HTML.
The format, known as Gif and JPG (also called raster graphics), is typically used to make static banners that are not intended to be in motion.
Gif is an animation (also called bitmap) that contains the effect of motion. This is achieved by rotating multiple frames on which bitmap graphics are embedded.
Flash technology is also used. In its essence, it is a vector graphics that allows animated effects to be achieved at a relatively small banner weight. The technology also allows the use of sound.
HTML banners make it possible to include dynamic content. This is a specific database that can also contain a graphic or photo.

fashion banner
Banner Links
Banners contain a link that usually leads to the homepage of the advertiser's site or to a promotional page created specifically to serve the specific campaign.
Banner dimensions
The dimensions of the banner are recorded in pixels (also noted as px). This actually shows how many thumbnail parts the image is.
The pixel represents the smallest unit of measure that builds digital images.

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