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The latest types of banners

MadPixi Team 301 12.06.2021

The banner is the oldest and most popular form of advertising on the Internet, due to its great effectiveness. The banner comes in many variants, the most popular of which we will discuss below:


A variant of an advertising banner that appears in a new, separate window. Available in several sizes.


Unlike pop-up ads, this model appears just below the main browser window. It does not change its place - even when we close the page.

Unfolded banner

A variant of the banner, characterized by the change of size and appearance after holding on it with the mouse cursor. This type of advertising aims to attract the attention of users on the site.

banner erotic

Banner - "Skyscraper"

Banner advertising, usually called a "skyscraper". As a rule, it is narrow and at the same time high and appears on the right side of the website. It defaults to 120x600 pixels or 160x600 pixels.


An ad displayed as a 10-second full-screen animation. It must have a clear X mark that allows it to be closed.

Floating advertising, floating advertising

A specific type of mobile ad that 'runs', or rather, stays on the page, encouraging you to click.

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