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The right approach when creating a Google AdWords campaign

MadPixi Team 335 24.11.2019

Every single Google AdWords advertising campaign starts by defining the advertiser's marketing goals and strategy. There are many and many different ways to create a high-performance campaign, depending on whether you want to run a short-term promotion, image advertising, or aim to drive consumer interest in your site. Depending on what time period you want to drive traffic from visits, you can choose how your advertising campaign is planned. Of particular importance is determining the daily budget by which you will buy clicks from your target audience.

Turn quality traffic into conversions!

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The performance of your campaign can be measured by matching your spend with the number of users you managed to attract. We can help you clearly define your goals and desired action from your future users, which we call conversions, such as signing up for an e-mail newsletter, signing up for an account, downloading a product catalog, and more. Our team believes that good success lies not only in increasing the quality of traffic, but in its most proper use once you have managed to attract it. Email marketing is especially important.

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