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The role of baner in Facebook

MadPixi Team 484 04.04.2019

The popular Facebook social network is growing and evolving continuously. In 2019, there are already 1.65 billion active users per month. In addition to using a personal sharing wallpaper and chatting to communicate with relatives and acquaintances, facebook is increasingly becoming a leading source of information. A huge number of facebook pages owned by various companies, TVs and radios are constantly updating the flow of news and virtually anywhere a person is located, with just one click of the facebook application, he learns all the information that matters for the day.

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Facebook is constantly evolving when it comes to business. The platform is becoming more and more multifunctional as it allows you to create not only a facebook page of a company but also to tell the users in facebook about your business through facebook advertising. An extremely important part of this type of advertising is the so-called banners.

The advantage of the social network is the huge resource of information about the users that it enjoys. This means precisely targeting business ads to those users who have expressed interest in the topic and accordingly fall into the category of the potential customer.

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