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Tricks to create a successful banner

MadPixi Team 278 06.06.2021

Despite the fact that no one has yet invented a recipe for the perfect banner, there are some tips that will help your advertising campaign successfully attract new customers. We present the most effective of them, which we have personally tested.

- Well-designed banner advertising should primarily attract the attention of recipients, which can be achieved mainly by choosing the right colors, such as contrasting with each other. Another important element is the slogan that stands out - the slogan on the banner should be short and memorable.

banner selfie

- You should avoid placing too many elements in your banner - an overloaded banner will be illegible and may overwhelm the potential recipient. So focus on simple, rather minimalist designs that clearly convey your message.

- Of course, you must remember that a good banner ad must match the overall visual identity of your company. So, use the font and colors we use in your other advertising materials, such as flyers, posters, business cards, or graphics on social media.

- Remember that designing a visually attractive banner is only half of your job. The second - and much more important - activity is finding a comfortable place where he will stand, because the main place where the banner will be placed will determine its success.

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