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What colors to bet on when making a banner?

MadPixi Team 305 15.10.2021

In addition to the fact that color is able to provoke various human reactions, it can affect a person's emotional state. Thanks to the color rendering, it is possible to regulate the opinion of the product and to cause the necessary behavioral actions.

- Red color

The use of red shades can give the buyer determination, for example: advertising agencies use red in advertising campaigns for men's goods.

Excess red tones can lead to a negative perception of advertising, causing aggression towards the product.

The best solution is a small red detail in the frame.

- Orange

Warm cheerful message and action activity. Great for advertising baby products.

- Yellow

It symbolizes joy and the sun. It mainly affects the stimulation of the brain and vision. Use a combination of black on yellow.

- Green

It embodies spring freshness and general health tone. Serves well as a background. Medical advertisements using shades of green are perceived better.

- Son

Closely associated with emotions such as tenderness, peace and tranquility. Colored in blue, the banner looks quiet and distant. Blue does not cause negative emotions.

- Purple

Ideal for an original advertising campaign and is able to emphasize the originality of the product.

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- Gray

Dense and moderate - the basis of the message of this nuance. It does not cause a feeling of rejection even in large quantities.

- White

It symbolizes purity and decency. In advertising, as a rule, white is used as a background.

- Black

The main color when printing. In banners, black can be used as a frame or background.

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