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What exactly is Email Marketing

MadPixi Team 412 18.01.2020

Email marketing is direct marketing that is based on commercial messages to a select group of people with the help of email messages.
Files with active links can be attached to the emails sent, which is very common. More visuals and multimedia are attached. Depending on the frequency of your campaigns, campaigns can be daily, weekly, and monthly. What is best for your ad will be best judged by specialists. These emails are usually a type of product advertisement. Their goal is to familiarize potential customers with the brand or business they do.

Email marketing is divided into two types: Newsletter and Direct Email. Newsletter is a commercial message from an advertiser sent to existing customers. Their goal is to introduce them to a new service or product.

email marketing
The other type of messaging is direct emails that introduce customers to a new company, its product or service.
The email list is also called mailing list. It allows the dissemination of information to potential customers at a relatively low cost.

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