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What is banner blindness?

MadPixi Team 278 13.10.2021

We first started talking about "banner blindness" back in 1998, but it has reached impressive proportions relatively recently. The term refers to the ability of the human mind to "filter" any information that even remotely resembles advertising. Disappointing statistics appeared:

- only 14% of consumers pay attention to banners;

- Up to 50% of ad clicks are random (incorrect);

- Only 8% of Internet users actively use banners.


But how much can you trust these numbers and why then is banner advertising one of the most popular in the world?

It turns out that the low performance of the banner is due to the following factors:

- Ads are placed in the wrong area. As a rule, the left side of the page is used (this is due to the fact that we read from left to right). That is, if you place an ad unit on the right edge, 90% of potential customers simply will not pay attention to it.

- Using AdBlock. Installing a pop-up ad blocker makes it impossible for the user to see your banner, so only part of the target audience sees ads. But lately, more and more users are realizing the disadvantages of "hard blocking": up to 77% of people are willing to change the blocking of a simple filter.

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