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What is copywriting

MadPixi Team 308 31.05.2021

In recent years, copywriting has become a popular profession in our country. At the outset, let us emphasize that in recent years this concept has significantly changed its face.

Copywriting is a profession that consists of writing unique texts or slogans of an advertising nature. It combines the function of author (creation of creative slogans, advertising texts, advertising materials) and editor (text editing, writing unique articles, correction). The scope of the copywriter's responsibilities is quite extensive and depends on the industry in which he was employed. The main task is to write texts. Depending on the company you work with, they can be used to publish leaflets, catalogs, brochures or websites. Plus, you don't have to limit yourself to texts, as copywriters are regularly hired to create scripts used later in TV or radio commercials. Competencies can also be much broader, such as writing ad scripts.


Copywriting is a development industry that allows people who are seeking independence and are constantly striving to improve their skills to perform. Due to the large number of unique projects, it is also difficult to get bored in this position, as each task is different from the previous one. Publishers and advertising agencies are most often looking for a copywriter.

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