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What is digital marketing

MadPixi Team 329 27.03.2020

Digital marketing involves a personalized approach, which means you need to have an idea of ​​your needs, preferences, interests, and other data from your potential customer.
The whole process of building an online advertising campaign can be expressed in five main stages:

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1. Define the goals of your digital advertising campaign (increase sales, attract customers, retrieve data, etc.), develop a strategy;

2. Selecting the channels for distribution of the message;

3. Formulate a communication message, submit it in a format appropriate to the selected channels;

4. Launching an advertising campaign;

5. Regularly monitor and analyze the advertising campaign, adjust if necessary.

It is imperative to emphasize that digital advertising is particularly appropriate if you are marketing a specific product to a specific, narrow target audience. Otherwise, your message will not be personalized enough and may not produce the desired effect.

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