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What is graphic design

MadPixi Team 605 13.01.2019

The graphic design can be defined as an art that has a clearly defined purpose. Iit ncludes a creative plan to solve some problems or to achieve set goals, using images, symbols, or even words. In fact, it is a kind of visual communication and aesthetic expression of ideas that use different tools and some graphic elements.

Graphic design is able to use designs that include photos or illustrations. They may also contain logos, symbols and banners or a combination of different techniques. This type of project can includ all sorts of combinations of various elements.

Some of the possible elements are the lines. The possible variety is unlimited when it comes to lines - straight, curved or wavy, thin or thick... Lines give designers the chance to allocate space or content to the layout. They can also be used to attract the viewer's attention or easily navigate it from point A to point B.

An important design element is the color or the choice of absence. Graphic design uses different tools.

The font can convert every message from plain text into a true piece of art, and can be combined in a different way.

graphic design

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